Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

Company Mobvoi has unveiled its new split Bluetooth headset – Mobvoi Ticpods Free Pro.

The current split Bluetooth headset market is such a face: one is AirPods, the other is the followers of AirPods.

Apple officials have never disclosed specific sales figures, but even Cook has used the heavy words “incredibly popular” to describe popularity.

Influenced by the AirPods, there was a lot of followers at home and abroad. Among these followers is the Chinese company Mobvoi.

This is a technology company, founded in 2012, which focuses on artificial intelligence. It currently has self-developed voice interaction, smart recommendation, computer vision, and robot SLAM technology, currently in wearable, car and home. Other areas have been established.

TicPods Free Pro has a lot of similarities with AirPods – the same comfortable wear, mini-portable, charging box storage, long battery life.

What is the difference between the new TicPods Free Pro and the original AirPods? What is its actual performance? Let’s look at our detailed assessment.

Ticpods Free Pro: Specifications

ModelTicpods Free Pro
Headphone FitIn-Ear
ColorRed, White, and Blue
Resistance14 Ω ±15%
Rating IPX5 waterproof
Battery85 мАч
Battery in charger700 mAh
Playtime18 hours
Size box81x37x31.35 mm
Weight headset13.5 grams
Product weight63 grams

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

Ticpods Free Pro: Design

AirPods is only available in white, and TicPods Free Pro currently has three colors: Red, White, and Blue. What we have is Red.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

Look at the TicPods Free Pro charging case, which is a lightweight and compact quad. It is made of PVC plastic material, and the surface of the shell is polished by a matte process, so it is easy to leave obvious fingerprints, and it is easy to use it as a fingerprint collector without worrying about it.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

Looking at the details, we can notice that the cover of the charging box is distributed with a horizontal texture, which can give a skin-like smoothness, and the whole presents a curved elliptical curvature, which is held in the feeling is extreme toning.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

One side of the charging box is the charging interface of the Micro USB. If you are using a USB-C mobile phone, you need to have a separate data cable.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

To open the charging box, we can see that the TicPods Free Pro is magnetically stored in the charging compartment, and it is connected and charged by the metal dots at the tail of the earphone and the point metal protrusions. It can be clearly found that there is a rubber pad in the box to reduce the wear of the earphone.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

TicPods Free Pro is very good. The overall shape is similar to that of AirPods. The left and right headphones are independent of each other and no wires are exposed. And its design has been recognized by the US IDEA Design Award, the German Red Dot Design Award, and the German iF Design Design Award and the Japan Good Design Design Award.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

In detail, TicPods Free Pro’s headphone tail handle uses a skin texture similar to that of the charging case. The similar touch feels that the AirPods that I have worn before are much more comfortable, and the touch operation is more convenient.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

TicPods Free Pro’s default pre-installed silicone earphone plug is just right for the model like this one. It also comes with two earphone sleeves of different sizes. Of course, it must be recognized that it is relatively dynamic.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

After actual measurement, we measured the weight of the TicPods Free Pro headset to be about 6.9g/single. Naturally, there is no sense of burden in actual wearing. After many days of experience, the author often forgets that there is its existence in the ear.

However, it should be noted that TicPods Free Pro is not equipped with ear flaps, so if you have a more intense, bumpy sports demand, and the enthusiasts are not very suitable to wear, or need to be carefully considered.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

However, after many days of jogging and gym wear, I have to deal with ordinary sports. There is no problem in the scene, and thanks to the waterproof performance of IPX5, even if it is occasionally drenched by rain or sweating after exercise. There is no need to worry about whether it will enter the water.

TicPods Free Pro: Operation

In addition to the high price and monotonous color, AirPods has always been criticized for the common detours such as volume adjustment, headphone misuse and exhalation of Siri.

In this regard, TicPods Free Pro inherits the classic TicPods Free classic “scratch” fresh interaction. In detail, when we use this headset, we can mainly achieve the interaction between the two scenarios by “scratching”:

  1. The finger slides up and down on the earpiece handle to control the volume. You don’t need to use the AirPods to open the phone related interface, and you don’t need to hit the earphone to find Siri control.
  2. During the process of music playback, double-click the headset handle to switch to the next one. However, it should be noted that it does not currently support the “switch the previous one” gesture function. Once you change the song, you will not have to regret it. (I hope that subsequent OTA upgrades can be considered for joining).

In addition, like AirPods, TicPods Free Pro also supports in-ear recognition. When I put the headset into my ear, the phone starts playing music, and once it is removed from the music player, it automatically pauses. This feature can effectively save energy consumption for daily use and extend battery life.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

Summon voice assistant

Used in conjunction with TicPods Free Pro is the “Going Out” app, which has its own artificial intelligence voice tool in the app.

The way to wake up has been introduced in the front, that is, long press the earphone handle for two seconds, you can wake up the voice assistant who is hiding in the “Going out” app. Use it to check the weather, set the alarm clock, check the translation, check the road conditions, schedule management, play music, control the home and so on.

In addition, TicPods Free Pro not only supports the voice assistants of the “Going Out” app but also supports the voice assistants that come with all the smartphones on platforms such as iOS and Android. The author will use headphones and colleagues’ Xiaomi phones and Apple phones.

Ticpods Free Pro review: true wireless earbuds from Mobvoi

TicPods Free Pro: Binaural call

Binaural talk is a standard feature of traditional wired headsets. However, for true wireless headsets, it symbolizes higher-end positioning.

TicPods Free Pro uses 98dB SPL speakers to support high-fidelity audio output during both calls, allowing users to talk, a more immersive experience in audio and video and sounder content.

TicPods Free Pro: Dual MIC call noise reduction

In addition to binaural calls, TicPods Free Pro uses the latest dual MIC call noise reduction technology.

During the call, its built-in high-performance microphone can effectively eliminate ambient noise and ensure that the user’s voice can be accurately identified in noisy environments. Clearer call quality.

TicPods Free Pro: Battery

When using wireless headsets, one of the most important indicators for most users is battery life. The TicPods Free Pro is designed to accommodate the charging compartment.

The headset can be used continuously for up to 4 hours on a single charge, and with a large capacity charging compartment for 18 hours of comprehensive battery life.

In addition, TicPods Free Pro also supports fast charging. When the headset is exhausted, it only takes 15 minutes to charge for 85 minutes.

TicPods Free Pro: In-ear recognition

TicPods Free Pro features in-ear recognition, which allows the user to automatically sense when the headset is worn in the ear or removed.

When playing music, the headphones are taken off and the music is automatically paused; the headphones are put into the ear again and the music continues to play automatically.

TicPods Free Pro: IPX5 waterproof rating

Thanks to the convenience of true wireless design, more users can wear TicPods Free Pro in sports, and its IPX5 waterproof performance is enough to keep users in training and entertainment in rain and sweat.


TicPods Free Pro is a true wireless Bluetooth headset that is worth buying at this stage. If you are interested, you can go to the official website.


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